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What’s in the heart of your 5-year-old self?

‘Croc hunting might be something you carry in your heart when you’re five,’ wrote my friend in her message. She’d just been to Australia Zoo, the creation of the late Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter, with her husband and children. Our conversation had been sparked by a photo of her five year old son taken at the zoo. Dressed in Crocodile Hunter clothes head to toe, he was standing inside the jaws of a giant crocodile replica, giving the thumbs up gesture, while his cherubic face oozed self-assuredness and joy. He was in his happy place. My friend’s comment made me …

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Why I want to help women find their success.

I’d like to introduce you to my mother so that I can properly explain why I want to help other women. Mum was a formidable lady with piercing blue eyes and untamed curly brown hair. She was a determined and intelligent dynamo who whirled through our lives making sure her four children and her husband had what they needed. I was fortunate to be her last child. As well as giving me love, security and education, she strongly encouraged me to be my own person. Mum had to resign from her career when she married dad. This wasn’t because dad …

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7 Lessons on Failure

What does success mean to you? We are constantly bombarded with ‘success’ stories in the media, someone lands the dream job or makes a million from bottling fresh air. They are shared with good intention, often they feed unrealistic expectations or don’t tell you about all the hard work and failure which preceded the ‘success’. Poor old failure seems to be a dirty word. This is my Christmas present to failure and those of you who may have experienced some type of ‘failure’ this year. We’ve all heard the sayings … ‘if at first you don’t succeed’ et cetera, et …

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Simon Sinek, Bagels, and Gender Equity

Yes, they’re all linked. Let me show you how. This morning I attended the most energising discussion about overcoming the barriers to gender equity I’ve experienced. I’m slightly ashamed to say, I almost didn’t go. What deterred me wasn’t the icy 8-degree temperature, or the pre-dawn darkness outside – it was the subject. The source of my shame is, as a woman I ‘should’ be interested in the topic. I don’t know about you but … I’ve seen the data and heard it all before. Enough with all the talking. What did get me out of bed on this cold …

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The Leaders Conundrum

We expect a lot from those in leadership positions. They should be competent, inspirational and never make a mistake. However, spend a few moments seeing the world from their perspective, and you might not be so quick to judge next time. Many people aspire to a position of leadership. Even more look at those in leadership positions and think they could do better. How you see something depends upon your perspective. Try walking down the same street, but on the opposite side. What you see will look different, and you will see things that you didn’t see from the other …

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