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Are you a business owner or executive who wants help to think through your challenges and issues? You may benefit from my Confidante coaching service.

I have coached CEOs, business owners and senior executives in global companies. I am a straight shooter who understands business. I also understand the conflicting demands and difficult choices that come with leading a business.

This understanding comes from working in a number of high stakes, high pressure, time and resource-constrained contexts in Australia and internationally. In addition, my background in family business helps me to understand the unique challenges faced by business owners.

My clients tell me that I hone in quickly on what is important, and help them to gain clarity in a challenging, yet non-judgemental, way. They also tell me that it helps them to have an impartial and trustworthy third party to bounce off. The benefits they describe include: a clearer perspective on the essential issues, identifying more innovative solutions, and reduced stress.

If you would like to know more, contact me below to arrange a complimentary conversation about Confidante coaching.

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