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Clarity – Simplicity – Success

From my years as a coach to women in corporate, business owners, and women striving for some sense of balance I’ve heard time and time again that women have lost sight of why they continue to do what they’ve always done.

For many, that loss of purpose happened some time ago – so long ago they can’t even remember why they began.

If you’re at a crossroads and uncertain of where you’re heading, or trying to harmonise someone else’s idea of success with staying true to yourself, I’d like to meet you.

I work with women craving to create their own version of success – 

outside of the boxes others have tried to force them into, outside of old definitions, and with clarity, simplicity, and sincerity.

Women striking balance between careers and themselves and women looking to reset their inner compass

For career women, pursuing a career involves uniquely challenging choices; you need to continually adapt, change, and compromise. Over time, it’s easy to lose sight of your goals and your individuality. Similarly, women who choose to build business or work in the home experience comparable demands –

how do you build a life with purpose and thrive?

Because this means different things to different women, my individualised coaching services are tailored to your specific needs. I will help you gain clarity about the path you wish to tread and support your progress towards your goals.

I am a compassionate but challenging partner who invests in your success. I bring a wealth of experience from my own career, along with skills and tools developed as a result of coaching and mentoring many people at all life stages.


If you’d like the chance to spend 20 minutes chatting with me online or over the phone, you can request a time to do just that. Let’s ‘meet’ and I’ll answer some of your questions about how we could best work together, and we’ll go from there.

If you want to create your own version of success but working with a coach isn’t for you, then my self coaching journal has been designed for you. It’s me in a beautiful, hand bound journal and comes with e-mail support.



Why women?

I’ve had a 30-year corporate career in finance and HR, working in male-dominated organisations including manufacturing, mining, transport, oil and gas, and oilfield services. I was often the sole female in the leadership team as female leaders were rare. Many of these experiences have helped me refine lessons which can help other women as they negotiate their way through a male-dominated world.

My purpose is to help as many women as I can to cast off the expectations, the ‘shoulds’ and the advice suggesting there’s something to ‘fix’ in women.

I want to the change the world for the better – one woman at a time.

After many years of focus on women in corporate positions, my coaching has evolved to include mentoring all women to succeed on their own terms. We do this by tuning into

  • who they are
  • what’s important to them right now
  • and developing their concept of what success means to them

Small steps, achievable goals, energised action – this is what I’ve seen work for women who want to change their world. It’s a different approach to the ‘Dream Big’ and ‘Have Audacious Goals’ concepts, but I’ve seen it results in

more energy, less stress, and greater satisfaction.

Perhaps the most satisfying result: these women become role models for others


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