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Do you know if your organisation is spending its HR budget effectively?

Does your HR function enable you to perform at the speed, scale and quality required?

Do you need to build or reconfigure your HR capability to suit changes in your business?

I offer two complementary services to help you with these challenges:

  • HR Effectiveness and Improvement: I use a rigorous and repeatable method to determine if your HR function is set up to support business success – now and into the future.
  • HR Establishment and Change: If your organisation needs to build HR capability for the first time, or reconfigure its current capability, then I have walked in your shoes and can ensure whatever you do is fit for purpose.

I understand that the purpose of your business is to deliver products and services to your clients at optimal cost and quality. To achieve that you need your HR function to have the right processes, practices and effectiveness measures for your particular circumstances.

My clients tell me that my services rival the bigger consultancies for for quality, pragmatism and cost.


HR Effectiveness and Improvement


Are you spending your HR budget on the right things for your business? Are the processes and practices of your HR Function ‘fit for purpose’ in relation to your strategy? Can they deliver outcomes to the speed, scale, and quality required?

As your business changes, you need to ensure your HR function continues to have the capacity to perform at the right level. Misalignment between business needs and HR effectiveness can cost money and negatively impact your customers.

I can help you better understand your unique HR challenges, assess the current state of your HR function, and help you to determine whether you are on the right track.

I do this by using a propriety framework which I have developed. I also draw upon my practical experience establishing and reorganising HR capability in several organisations and countries. My framework provides a rigorous and repeatable method that:

  1. Maps your strategy to the outcomes you need from your HR function.
  2. Provides a baseline assessment of whether your HR function is set up for success.
  3. Enables you to formulate risk mitigation strategies and improvement plans to close any gaps.
  4. Tracks the effectiveness of any changes.

If required, the outputs from the evaluation can be presented in a format suitable for use by your board for governance and assurance purposes.

 Effectiveness and Improvement

HR Effectiveness Evaluation

HR Establishment and Change


Establishment and Change

HR Establishment and Change

If your organisation needs to build HR capability for the first time, or reconfigure its’ current capability, I can ensure whatever you do is fit for purpose.

I have established and changed HR capability in a variety of organisations, ranging from large international resource projects to SMEs.

I have learned many lessons through my experience setting up and changing HR. As a result, I will help you to get things right first time and avoid potentially costly pitfalls.

When considering how to set up HR for your business, it is important to start with the end in mind. Every organisation is different, consequently what your organisation needs from HR and how that is best achieved is unique.

I can help you with:

  • Determining the best fit delivery model
  • Designing processes and getting your HR team right
  • Establishing outsourcing arrangements

To find out more contact me to arrange a complimentary discussion about your needs.

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