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Why Jacqui?

Jacqui Alder is an engaging and dynamic speaker with a fresh perspective on gender equity, and what it means to be a successful woman. In her presentations, she draws upon lessons from her rich and varied career, as well as insights from research.

Jacqui’s corporate career in international human resources has spanned Asia, Europe, and Australia where she worked on strategic projects for global companies. For the past 15 years she has run her own consultancy providing executive coaching and human resources solution. Jacqui gets a buzz from helping others flourish, and is a sought after mentor to women.

Jacqui’s purpose is to change the world for the better – one woman at a time.

To help as many women as possible to create success in and on their own terms, and by doing so, to become role models for other women.
After 30 years as an executive, consultant, and mentor, she now devotes her energy to this cause.


Success: What is it?

For women, being successful comes with varying, and often conflicting expectations. How do you navigate all these expectations and still be yourself?


  • Why self-congruence is important for women, lessons from research;
  • Tips for being successful, and staying true to yourself.

Stereotype Threat: How women can make their own antidote.

Internalising gender stereotypes has been shown to reduce women’s achievement and result in women holding themselves back. Some simple strategies can minimise the impact of negative gender stereotypes, and act as an antidote to stereotype threat.


  • Recognising when you’ve internalised stereotypes that may be limiting you;
  • Learn some simple strategies for inoculating yourself against stereotype threat.

The Future of Women’s Rights: A closing window of opportunity?

Women in the western world now experience unprecedented rights and opportunities. Those advances are not universal. In other parts of the world, women’s rights remain limited, or have gone backwards. We have a window of opportunity to realise lasting change for the status of women. Who knows how long the window will stay open?


  • Lessons from the history of women’s rights;
  • What individuals can do to advance the status of all women.


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