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Women Mentoring Women: It Benefits Mentee And Mentor

The women who inspire us in life aren’t always those with high profiles and slick makeovers. I, like many, was inspired by my mother. I now realise she wasn’t merely my mum but a role model and a mentor. She guided me to think for myself, listen to my intuition, reject limits others imposed upon me, and to reach out a hand to others less fortunate. Mum did what women and mothers have been doing for millennia. It worked in that world and in those times, and women successfully developed other women who succeeded at their role in life. While …

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Is Your Bucket Full?

Paige is a whip smart dynamo who has three children under age three, including unruly twin boys nick-named ‘Des’ and ‘Troy’ by great grandma. Paige was in control before motherhood took her by surprise. She was the go-to-person who, along with her husband, managed the family businesses. Now she can’t accept the smallest compliment. Everything is chaos, things aren’t clean enough, the house is too untidy, and she looks a mess. Instead of feeling in control of things, she feels things are in control of her. Over a cup of coffee she told me about improvements she’d like to make …

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Not Another Self-help Book For Women …

I pressed the snooze button on my clock-radio and gathered the bedclothes up to my chin. The comfort of my bed was made appealing by the icy breath of winter creeping through the window. I’ve had the ensuing conversation with myself hundreds, if not thousands, of times. You know the one, ‘It’s still dark outside. Do I really have to get up now?’ This decision was more difficult than usual as I didn’t have to get up – it was a matter of choice. At stake was the small amount of money I’d paid for a business breakfast, one of …

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Be Yourself – It’s Who You’re Meant To Be

Those words were among the many farewell wishes written inside the oversized card. My manager had intended to be inspirational, instead I felt annoyed. What did he know anyway? Whatever I was doing it was me doing it, and I was trying hard to be good at it, all of it. I was trying to be a good daughter, a good wife, successful at work, plus a few other things. Situation normal for most women I knew. I’ve since learned to pay close attention when I have a strong emotional reaction to something. It’s my spirit’s way of shouting at …

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This Simple Exercise Helps Women Overcome Stereotype

He guffawed at my suggestion because he thought I was joking. I wasn’t. An operations supervisor position had become vacant and I’d express interest in having a crack at it. When my manager realised I was serious, he blushed, dropped his eyes and murmured something about it ‘not being an environment for a woman.’ I felt myself shrink and disappear into the small child who lives inside me. ‘Maybe he’s right. It’s a tough environment,’ I thought. It wasn’t as if the position would’ve been a promotion (I was already at a higher level). I was interested in the development …

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Who do you put first?

Life and commercial flights have a lot in common. The practical realities of being on the plane limit what you can do, but you’ve still got options and choices. When you’re flying, you and your fellow passengers are in it together until you arrive safely at your destination. In life, your fellow passengers are your family, friends, colleagues, and community. Both situations require give and take from those involved, because what you do, or don’t do, has an impact upon your travel companions, and vice versa. Imagine you’re on a commercial flight. Everyone’s on board and the crew’s preparing the …

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Why I’m Happy For You to Ignore My Advice

Have you ever bought a book just because the title piqued your interest? I have, many times, and I still do. My ridiculously tall teak bookshelves are peppered with unread, yet interestingly titled, books. They keep company with the many books I’ve actually read. It’s not that the unloved books aren’t any good. How would I know; I haven’t read them. It’s just that at the moment I’m not ready to read them. Why aren’t I ready? I don’t know; I just don’t feel like it – they don’t seem important right now. I’ve got other things on my plate …

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What’s in the heart of your 5-year-old self?

‘Croc hunting might be something you carry in your heart when you’re five,’ wrote my friend in her message. She’d just been to Australia Zoo, the creation of the late Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter, with her husband and children. Our conversation had been sparked by a photo of her five year old son taken at the zoo. Dressed in Crocodile Hunter clothes head to toe, he was standing inside the jaws of a giant crocodile replica, giving the thumbs up gesture, while his cherubic face oozed self-assuredness and joy. He was in his happy place. My friend’s comment made me …

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Why I want to help women find their success

I’d like to introduce you to my mother so that I can properly explain why I want to help other women. Mum was a formidable lady with piercing blue eyes and untamed curly brown hair. She was a determined and intelligent dynamo who whirled through our lives making sure her four children and her husband had what they needed. I was fortunate to be her last child. As well as giving me love, security and education, she strongly encouraged me to be my own person. Mum had to resign from her career when she married dad. This wasn’t because dad …

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7 Lessons on Failure

What does success mean to you? We are constantly bombarded with ‘success’ stories in the media, someone lands the dream job or makes a million from bottling fresh air. They are shared with good intention, often they feed unrealistic expectations or don’t tell you about all the hard work and failure which preceded the ‘success’. Poor old failure seems to be a dirty word. This is my Christmas present to failure and those of you who may have experienced some type of ‘failure’ this year. We’ve all heard the sayings … ‘if at first you don’t succeed’ et cetera, et …

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